ESSENCE Connection Foundations

Let's journey together in fellowship throughout 2024 in devotion to the embodiment of the Cosmic Child codes now available to humanity!

Your unique

infinite quantum essence

is the organizing principle for your embodied experience.

This library of foundational supports explains what it is and how being in connection and increasing embodiment of it changes everything for the better including how you organize your own doingness.

Materials in the library:

  • ESSENCE 1: Overview of Your Essence (23 min)

  • ESSENCE 2: How to Connect to Your Essence (17 min)

  • ESSENCE 3: Guided Audio for Connecting to Your Unique Infinite Essence (1 hour)

  • ESSENCE 4: Connect to Your Inner Doer and Explore Interpersonal Themes (25 min)

  • ESSENCE 5: Ramifications for Communities (11 min)

  • Supplemental: Combo Audio Lessons All in One (excluding the guided session) for a continuous playlist option

  • Ebook of all Transcripts together for handy reference (coming soon!)

There are several pricing options you can choose from based on your sensation of sharing joyous money energies. Please only share energies with me from a place of joy and love. There is an eensy teeny option available for those for whom access at the minimum would be a true hardship while still preventing the bots that swarm in for free stuff.

Due to the digital nature of these resources and the low-price access point, all sales are final.

(If you are operating in a different currency where the exchange rate and living standards would make even the lowest option a severe hardship please email us at explaining your situation and we will work with you.)

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